WP Static Electricity in Industry

Static Electricity in Industry is one of the Working Parties of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE). The scope of the working party is to promote networking of experts in the field of electrostatics. The working party organizes European Conferences on Electrostatics in every 4 years. These are general conferences on electrostatics bringing together experts from academia, research laboratories and industry worldwide. In 2005 the conference was held in Espoo/Helsinki, Finland. In 2001 it was in Zakopane, Poland, in 1997 it was in Poitiers, France. A complete list of the organized conferences can be found here.


Members of the Working Party Static Electricity in Industry:

Dr. Martin Glor, Switzerland (Chairman)

Prof. Istvan Berta, Hungary (Secretary)

Prof. A. Buekens, Belgium

Dr. Jaakko Paasi, Finland

Dr. Didier Marty-Dessos, France

Prof. Gerard Touchard, France

Dr. Bodo Maurer, Germany

Dr. Ulrich von Pidoll, Germany

Mr. Sivert Ose, Norway

Prof. Julius B. Gajewski, Poland

Dr. Roman Cimbala, Slovakia

Dr. Owe Fredholm, Sweden

Dr. Klaus Schwenzfeurer, Switzerland

Dr. Richard L. Rogers, UK

Prof. Brian Makin, UK

Dr. Graham Ackroyd, UK



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